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IP series

The IP series of rope guides is an excellent alternative to the original spare parts used in the industry.
Spare parts produced by us for almost twenty years gained the customer’s trust due to high quality.
IP series of rope guides are fully compatible with the Demag P hoists. We offer replaceable rope guides for all standard equipments of the Damag generation P.


IDH series

The fully metal IDH rope guide are our company’s answer to the demand of customers looking to increase their durability and reliability in relation to plastic parts. Robust metal construction and corrosion protection, significantly extend the life of parts, allow them to operate under elevated temperatures and in areas with high impact of chemical or atmospheric agents.
IDH series of rope guides are fully compatible with the Demag DH electric hoists. We offer replaceable rope guides to the all standard devices Demag DH generation.


IDR series

The unquestioned success of the design solutions used in the IDH spare parts as well as the positive feedback from our customers prompted us to transfer these unique features to the new generation of IDH replacement parts.
We are constantly expanding our product range while still keeping in mind their functionality and quality.
Full offer of replacement rope guides for Demag DR generation soon.

The offered products are manufactured and sold by P. P-U. INTERKAZ.

Other listed brand names or designation used in the editorial offer do not describe the offered products. They only illustrate or indicate compatibility.

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