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IDR series


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IDR series

Article number Description Original ID

– Rope guide IDR-5

– 9 mm Left-handed thread


– Rope guide IDR-10

– 13 mm Left-handed thread


– Rope guide IDR-20

– 18 mm Left-handed thread

ITOOL-0010 Assembly tool

Above prices refer only to the product, do not contain shipping costs and input tax in the recipient’s country.

Terms of trade PL

The composition of the offered product is:

– compatible rope guide,

– special grease

Soon full offer of IDH series product

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Tel: 0048 502820684, E: biuro@interkaz.eu

The offered products are manufactured and sold by P. P-U. INTERKAZ.
Other listed brand names or designation used in the editorial offer do not describe the offered products. They only illustrate or indicate compatibility.

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